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Work light bracket

Product name: Work light bracket
Stamping part type: hardware
Material: stainless steel plate
Processing type: metal forming
Processing size: 1 (mm)
Mold: Multi process continuous mold
Precision punching method: open type
Surface treatment: electroplating electrophoresis powder spraying
Processing customization: Yes
Main sales regions: Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East, others


JINGBANG Hardware mainly produces and manufactures cold storage accessories, non-standard screws, nuts, metal stamping parts, various mechanical accessories, automotive furniture accessories, handicraft accessories, punching machine processing, and a series of products. We can also customize various shaped nuts, screws, hardware accessories, mechanical accessories, furniture accessories, and processed car parts to meet the different needs of different customers. Our products are widely used in numerous fastener production, hardware, automotive components, and related fields across the country.

Work light bracket


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