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Speaker Spikes

Effectively solve noise and vibration problems

Can be customized according to requirements

Shock absorbing foot nail

speaker spikes

Function of foot pin of loudspeaker

Commonly used shock absorbers are nail feet and shock pads. The nail foot can be placed under the equipment or speaker separately, or on the shockproof pad, which can effectively minimize the vibration. The shockproof pad can cooperate with the nail foot support or separate the supported equipment to achieve the shock absorption effect.

1. shock absorption, bi-directional sound adjustment

2. the contact surface shall be firmly and closely connected, and the nail shall be adjustable to make solid contact with the contact surface.

3. the contact area is reduced, which can protect the speaker and reduce wear.

4. the timbre can be fine tuned according to the change of nails and nail pads of different materials.

5. there are many types. Different products with different materials will produce different effects

Partial product display

Wholesale by the manufacturer / preferential treatment for large quantity

Speaker copper pin
Speaker copper pin
Audio tripod nail
Hardware pure copper foot nails
Audio shockproof and shock-absorbing foot studs
Golden Speaker Isolation Spikes
Stainless steel speaker pin
Non slip metal audio pin
Round head anti-skid audio shock absorber foot studs
High end furniture audio and video foot studs
Aluminum alloy shockproof and anti-skid pad

Speaker damping pad

Function of damping pad

When the speaker damping pad is used between the speaker and the shelf, it will immediately improve the accuracy of the playback system. At the same time, the speaker damping pad makes your speaker at a certain angle to the horizontal. In this way, the speaker is no longer placed in parallel with the front and rear walls, which will reduce the generation of standing waves to a certain extent and effectively improve the sound quality.


The installation is very simple. There is no need to make destructive holes in the equipment and then fix it with screws. There is no need to damage the surface of the equipment with double-sided adhesive. Just put the speaker equipment on it directly.

Partial product display

Wholesale by the manufacturer / preferential treatment for large quantity

Product application

It is usually used in LP record player, CD player, cassette holder, radio head, open disc player, etc.

it can also be customized according to your needs