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new Volume potentiometer knob

Product Name: Volume potentiometer knob
Diameter: 20MM
Height: 17MM
Inner hole: 6MM
Material: All aluminum
Direct sales from manufacturers: electroplated knobs/plastic knobs/aluminum alloy knobs/all aluminum knobs/LED flat tubes/LED light-emitting blocks/potentiometer/drawings, samples and mold opening can be provided if required, with large quantities and preferential prices


Shenzhen JINGBANG produces and wholesales electronic tubes and tube sockets, guitar power amplifier accessories, hifi gall machine accessories, potentiometer switches, sockets, capacitors, handles and other products

The volume potentiometer knob is a knob or button on the audio device, which can control the volume level of the audio signal. It is usually a circular knob that can be rotated along a dial to adjust the volume of the audio signal.Volume potentiometer knob is widely used in various audio equipment, such as audio system, radio, TV, computer, mobile phone, etc. In these devices, the volume potentiometer knob is usually located on the front panel or top so that users can easily access and adjust the volume.

Volume potentiometer knob


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