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Aluminum Enclosure

Shell design and manufacturer

Aluminum Enclosure Custom

Product material: aluminum

Processing method: CNC processing, supporting large product size

Machining accuracy: ± 0.02mm

Processing cycle: 3-7 days for fast delivery

Surface treatment: sand blasting, oxidation, radium carving, electroplating, etc

Manufacturer advantage: a manufacturer specializing in customized aluminum alloy CNC processing, providing one-stop customization schemes for aluminum parts CNC processing, aluminum alloy box CNC processing and surface treatment. Multiple CNC processing equipment can be shipped in only 3-7 days.

Aluminum Enclosure characteristic

The aluminum profile shell is processed on the aluminum profile obtained by aluminum stretching. It has high flexibility and can be cut at any depth. Generally, there are circuit board card slots inside. As long as the circuit board is directly inserted, there is no need to fix it. The convenience is unmatched by other kinds of shells.

It is widely used in instrument and electronic industry, power communication, subway engineering, medical equipment and public address system. Such as shielding box, vehicle power supply shell, video server, wireless platform, gps/gprs shell, inverter shell, jammer shell, CPU radiator shell, etc. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

Aluminum Enclosure display

Various styles / complete specifications / sufficient stock

electronic equipment mobile power supply box shell
Face recognition access control aluminum alloy shell
Lithium battery aluminum profile shell
Aluminum alloy new energy charger housing
Automation equipment parts chassis base
Waterproof aluminum junction box
Power controller instrument box
Circuit board instrument box
electronic products Aluminum shell parts
Aluminum alloy chassis shell accessories
Customized processing of aluminum alloy shell

Enclosure customization case

Our Aluminum Enclosure is customized as your request, we can make any size Aluminum Enclosure if you provide the 2D/3D drawings.

it doesn’t matter if you can’t provide drawings. We have special engineers here to help you design and provide one-stop customization service.

Electric vehicle intelligent controller housing
Booster aluminum profile shell
Communication instrument casing
Power meter motion camera circuit board housing
Aluminum shell for electronic components
New energy battery casing