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Sheet metal shell

Product name: Sheet metal shell
Sheet metal material: cold rolled sheet
Sheet metal thickness: 1.0 (mm)
Processing size/length * width * height: 400 * 400 * 150 (mm)
Processing process: cutting, rounding, unfolding, forming, bending
Surface treatment: baking paint
Sample cycle: 1-3 days
Processing cycle: 4-7 days
Application fields: office supplies, electricity, construction, household goods, communication, bridges, industrial equipment, public facilities, vehicles, ships
Sheet metal: sheet metal processing
Bends: sheet metal bends
Welding: sheet metal welding


Shenzhen JINGBANG is a professional manufacturer that develops, produces, and sells various chassis and cabinets. Our main products include: operating consoles, indoor and outdoor chassis and cabinets, instrument protection boxes, insulation boxes, various equipment chassis and cabinets, cabinets, distribution boxes/cabinets, aluminum (profile) chassis and cabinets, imitation Rittal cabinets, stainless steel cabinets, U-boxes, rubber products, plastic products, etc

Sheet metal shell is widely used in fields such as electronics, medical, military, aerospace, communication, network, transportation, broadcasting and television, monitoring, national defense, power transmission and distribution engineering, automatic control, and multimedia teaching

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