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Aluminum Alloy Panel

Product name: Aluminum Alloy Panel
Origin: Shenzhen
Article number: Main engine aluminum shell
Type: Aluminum profile
Purpose: Aluminum alloy electronic housing
Customization: Customizable
Processing: CNC panel processing


Shenzhen JINGBANG is an enterprise that integrates aluminum profile extrusion, aluminum profile CNC processing, and post surface treatment. The company has a complete set of equipment, including 3-5 axis CNC machining equipment, CNC drilling and tapping machines, large automatic sawing machines, punching machines, etc. Shenzhen JINGBANG, main business scope: aluminum alloy profile extrusion, CNC processing of special profiles, industrial profile processing, new energy battery trays (shells), intelligent logistics aluminum rails, precision processing of automotive parts, etc.

Aluminum profile access control panel processing



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