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Stainless steel clamp

Product name: Stackless steel clamp
Processing customization: Yes
Model: Universal
Specifications: 8-12mm, 10-16mm, 13-19mm, 16-25mm, 22-32mm, 25-38mm, 32-44mm, 35-51mm, 38-57mm, 44-64mm, 51-70mm, 70-89mm, 80-100mm, 110-130mm
Type: Stainless steel clamp, pipe clamp, gas pipe clamp
Material: stainless steel
Surface treatment: electroplating
Nominal diameter: 8-12mm, 10-16mm, 13-19mm, 16-25mm, 22-32mm, 25-38mm,


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Stainless steel clamp can be used in automobiles, ships, machine tools, electricity, construction, communication, and constructionMonitoring, fire protection, etc

Work light bracket


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