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Manufacturer customized stainless steel shell

Product Name: Manufacturer customized stainless steel shell
Color: Customizable
Size: Customizable
Processing: Customizable processing
Material:  aluminum stainless steel Other metal
Direct sales from manufacturers: electroplated knobs/plastic knobs/aluminum alloy knobs/all aluminum knobs/LED flat tubes/LED light-emitting blocks/potentiometer/drawings, samples and mold opening can be provided if required, with large quantities and preferential prices/stainless steel shell


Shenzhen JINGBANG  specializes in hardware processing, sheet metal processing, stainless steel shell, steel structure processing. Our factory has various precision machining equipment and strong technical force, which processes and manufactures various sheet metal parts for various industries.Contact information: EMAIL: Tel:+86 189 2643 8760, manufacturer’s direct sales volume is greatly discounted. Welcome to guide and cooperate!

Manufacturer customized stainless steel shell


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