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Floating ball valve cast steel valve shell Bonnet

Product name: Floating ball valve cast steel valve shell Bonnet
Sand casting type: clay dry sand mold
Product Number: Pneumatic Valve Float Ball Valve Cast Steel Valve Housing
Special casting type: Lost foam casting
Surface treatment: polishing, wire drawing, sandblasting
Material: Cast stainless steel
Forming process: gravity casting
Tolerance: American Standard, European Standard, German Standard
Advantage: A complete casting supply chain with excellent quality and low price
Processing ability: CNC CNC machining, lathe machining, polishing, polishing, assembly and packaging precision
Casting scope: wax loss casting investment casting

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Shenzhen JINGBANG specializes in the design, research and development, production, and sales of stainless steel and carbon steel precision castings. We not only produce castings for customers, but also provide overall solutions and supporting services for their casting needs. JINGBANG’s main products are: stainless steel and carbon steel wax loss castings, Floating ball valve cast steel valve shell Bonnet,stainless steel and carbon steel customized castings. Including but not limited to: stainless steel clamps, stainless steel bathrooms, Stainless steel valve housing,stainless steel faucets, kitchen accessories, meat grinder shells, pump shells, impellers, stainless steel locks, valve bodies, coffee machine handles, golf ball heads, transmission screws, etc. Widely used in industries such as home building materials, food processing, electricity, petroleum, chemical, bridge, medical, shipbuilding, automotive, pipeline valves, etc.Contact information: EMAIL: Tel:+86 189 2643 8760, manufacturer’s direct sales volume is greatly discounted. Welcome to guide and cooperate!


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