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Outdoor camping supplies wrench

Product name: Outdoor camping supplies multifunctional writing
Material: stainless steel
Processing customization: Yes
Scope of application: Outdoor camping
Specification length: 90mm wide 65mm thick 3.8mm
Main sales regions: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America
Weight: 41 grams
Product category: Wrench


[Product Name]: Internal angle wrench/screwdriver/bottle opener/screwdriver CNC stainless steel
[Material and Process]: Stainless steel material, with two overall stamping on the periphery, drilling, water grinding, polishing, and stone washing. The inner circumference/hexagonal part adopts vertical CNC wire cutting process.
[Size]: Full length 90mm wide; 60mm thick; 3.8mm
[Purpose]: Multi size internal angle wrench/screwdriver/bottle opener/screwdriver.

Outdoor camping supplies wrench


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