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There is a problem with CNC machining accuracy. These steps can be used to find out the cause.

    This problem will encounter problems as long as it is a machine processing counterpart. There are many reasons for this problem. It is best to run out the cpk value when making a sample. The cpk value can detect a good problem. If the cpk value is fine, there will be no problems with the quality. If the cpk value is unqualified, check what went wrong one by one.

    1. Clean all knife handles and cable caps.
    Use the dial indicator to check the beating value, the best beating value is 0.005, this problem is solved to solve the second problem.
    2. Check whether the fixture design and positioning are reasonable.
    Anyone who does CNC knows that the unreasonable fixture design cannot make good quality. It is recommended that the fixture be made into a pneumatic clamp to reduce product defects caused by human operation factors. Personally, I think fixture instability accounts for 60% of the problem.

    3. Check whether the programmed processing parameters are unreasonable, and the processing parameters are different for different product materials.
    It is necessary to combine the rigidity of the spindle of the machine tool to deform the processing parameters. These are all unreasonable processing parameters. I personally think that procedural problems account for a relatively small proportion.
    4. Caused by other factors, such as incorrect operation methods of personnel, aging of machine tools, cutting fluid, environment, etc.

    Reason 1: The workers are irresponsible for a long time and the tool handle is not cherished at all, resulting in the high point of the tool handle being bumped, the chuck is not cleaned, and there is metal slag in it, which causes the tool to have insufficient accuracy after being followed, the tool runs out of tolerance, and the natural machining accuracy is also It’s too bad.
    Reason 2: The high hardness of the processed material leads to excessive elastic deformation of the tool or excessive tool wear and out of tolerance.
    Reason 3: Unreasonable processing process and irresponsible parts clamping.
    Reason 4: The machine tool wear and tear cannot be repaired.
    Reason 5: electrical aging or failure, this is the most troublesome, it is difficult to detect clearly, and the repair cost is also very high.
    In the end, the workers are unhappy and emotional or careless.

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