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Aluminum alloy knob

Product name: Aluminum alloy knob
Material: aluminum shell+plastic
Specifications: Various sizes can be customized
Axial: spline/half shaft
Purpose: Audio industry, instruments and meters


Shenzhen JINGBANG specializes in the processing and production of aluminum metal knobs. Our company specializes in products and professional technology, and has become a professional manufacturer of aluminum metal knobs. We not only have a complete set of production equipment such as precision CNC lathes, CNC injection molding machines, large hydraulic presses, sandblasting machines, and electrolytic oxidation coloring, but all products can complete the entire production process without external processing, ensuring stable and consistent product quality, and being able to process according to customer requirements, And it has large-scale production capacity.

Main products or services:Aluminum alloy knob; Button; Aluminum cover; Aluminum sheet; Ring sleeve; Potentiometer knob; Volume amplifier switch knob; Instrument knob; Brushed aluminum knob; Hat type knob; Round grip knob; Square hole safety key; All aluminum solid small button; Screw knob; Touch the button lightly; Switch knob; Audio amplifier knob; Home appliance knob; Thread cutting knob; Straw hat type knob;

Aluminum alloy knob


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